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Furry Kalpazidis was founded in 1972 as a fur and leather speciality company.

The business has retained its family feel, with a focus on fine detail, achieving elegance and luxurious collections, manufactured using the best raw materials

and products with Kastorian (Greece) craftsmanship and the support of local artisans.

The fashion label specializes in providing best quality and always offers the latest in

fashion in all ready to wear lambskin and leather like coats, jackets and accesories.

Nikolaos Alex Kalpazidis entered the fur business joining his father’s fur and leather workshop,

learning his art and techniques.

Nikolaos moved the family business one step ahead, establishing his own attitude

and quality thus starting the company.

His commitment and passion led to the brand we today know as Furry Kalpazidis.

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